A Letter from Jeff Riley


Dear Customers,

On February 13, Carl and I sent out an open letter to the entire Dinerware community, announcing that we were acquired by Heartland (NYSE:HPY).

It’s been almost two months since the acquisition—time which has been spent integrating our businesses and our products. We wanted to provide you with a more specific update as to what this means, and how the combination of Dinerware and Heartland working together as Heartland Commerce might bring greater value from our business to yours.

Heartland has an enviable reputation as a completely ethical payment processor, but we also offer many other solutions that may be of benefit to you.

While it is likely that you may already have a contract or relationship with your current payment processor or payroll provider, I am extremely hopeful that you will give us the opportunity to earn your business when you are contemplating either a renewal or a change.

Heartland Secure, with its unique breach warranty, provides our customers the peace of mind of an out-of-scope solution which virtually eliminates your exposure to a credit card breach. It is also worth noting that we do not charge ANY additional fees to provide end-to-end encryption and tokenization.

At the brand level, we have an extremely competitive and robust stored-value card program and can combine that with our loyalty solutions—whether points-based or more sophisticated programs that demonstrate ROI by truly changing customer behavior.

I am also excited that for the first time in our history, we are able to offer a complete payroll solution that is differentiated from ADP and PayChex. In addition, we have a relationship with American Express that can provide your business with below-market rate access to capital.

We have a very exciting future ahead of us, and we will continue to create and add solutions across the entire spectrum of commerce to help you grow your business.


Jeff Riley
Senior VP, Heartland Commerce