Our Philosophy

We are passionate about the opportunity to transform the workflow in restaurants with our software!

Dinerware’s mission is to help restaurants deliver a better guest experience by providing easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective restaurant software.

We understand the needs of our customers and provide products that deliver the performance, reliability, and flexibility critical to a restaurant’s success. Dinerware software allows restaurateurs to be in control of their business with minimal training and support requests.

The Dinerware Tenets

Throughout all of your experiences using our products and interacting with Dinerware and the authorized dealers who represent our products, we strive to embody the following characteristics:


We communicate openly and honestly about our products and our business in order to build your trust and respect.


Our goal is to provide software that delivers real day to day value to restaurateurs and isn’t built on hype.  When we set goals and make commitments, we do our very best to follow through and learn from any mistakes we may make from time to time.


Restaurateurs are our customers and some of the busiest people we know. We understand how challenging your business is and how much of a commitment you make in serving your guests each day. We know that you expect your computers to “just work”, and when they don’t to have high quality and responsive customer support to fix any problem that comes up.


The Dinerware partnership we envision for you is one that helps you become a more successful restaurant operator. We know a lot about technology and how it is being used in restaurants to develop customer relationships and to improve operational efficiencies. We’d like to do more than just sell you a product and support it.


This is important for our team as well as our business relationships. People are capable of greater things when they are surrounded by a positive and fun work environment.


Overall, we strive to provide the most reliable and thoughtfully designed software that exceeds the expectations of our customers and partners.