The Dinerware Story

Our founder and current CTO, Carl English, left Microsoft in 1995 to start a small restaurant in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood. Soon after opening his doors, Carl started looking for a touchscreen POS system to run his restaurant. Carl’s experience reviewing restaurant POS systems and then using the system he selected (which is no longer in business), inspired his decision to form Dinerware.

Carl learned firsthand what many restaurateurs regularly experience when they use a POS system: how much time it took to complete simple tasks, and how difficult it was to make frequent changes. He also learned that many POS systems look good up front, but the reality of using them on an ongoing basis doesn’t live up to the initial impression they created.

Carl sold his restaurant after four years and used his experience as a restaurant owner combined with his software expertise to create Dinerware: a point of sale system built around the restaurateur’s needs. His vision then, as it is now, was to develop intuitive restaurant software that enables the user to accomplish tasks easily and improve the workflow and communication across the entire staff of the restaurant.

Dinerware has continuously updated and enhanced our products over the years we’ve been in business. With the rapidly changing trends and technologies of cloud services and mobile devices over the past decade, Dinerware has responded by offering open integration capabilities that allow third parties to integrate with and extend our software. We’ve also continued to update our system architecture and introduce new products of our own that utilize the cloud and support a broad range of mobile devices with the goal to provide our customers with all of the benefits these new technologies enable both now and into the future.